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I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the attached 'A' symbol. Visual dick humor is the best.

Best parody on the site no doubt. Things like the ending and the little commercial cuts were better than they needed to be, really added the cherry on top. It just tells you how much heart was put into the production of this. Very inspirational and I hope we will see more collabs like this in the future ^^

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Really reminds me of the James Bond opening sequences, with how its edited in line with the song, super digged it ^^

The way they had sex was kinda funny to me tho c:

This was strange in all the right ways man ^^

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The idea of having a simple game like tic tac toe where the rules are constantly changing is really cool. I just wish it was longer

This is really well made, clearly much thought and care was put into this ^^

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I hope it wasn't just me who went to check out lifeinpurity.com ^^

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fuckin lost it at 'beacuase' haha

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I don't know which version I like better, and it's not often you can say that about remixes ^^

Gad to see you back on NG !

BERSERKYD responds:

haha I know still not convince either... but yeah I still work on that remix to make more in the futur. Will pay off hopefully !

Thanks man !

A pretty "meh" pop song indeed, but this trance version is great ^^

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lol made me chuckle ^^

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Really dig the pose n perspective, naisu~

Mega Man ZX Advent rocks dude (killer soundtrack too), cool pic ^^


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